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Blue Chip Structures and Rigidply Rafters, Inc. design, manufacture and deliver Pre-Engineered Wood Frame Building Packages using the highest quality and most efficient materials available. Our long-term relationships with industry-leading suppliers provide our customers with a tremendous advantage when it comes to choosing building features. Every component of a Blue Chip Structures building package is designed to exceed industry standards and structural load requirements.

We strive to make your building project as enjoyable process by supplying you with exceptional designs that include detailed construction plans. We also provide an extensive material list that outlines where every component belongs, saving you time and frustration.

Blue Chip Structures building packages are engineered for a specified purpose, ranging from post frame (Pole Barn) garages or storage buildings to custom equestrian complexes and commercial facilities with multiple framing styles. Our commitment to conservative design, exceptional customer service, and using only the best materials available gives you the confidence that you have chosen the best value for your investment.

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