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My personal dealings with Rigidply Rafters started in 1995 with the plant in Richland, PA. In 2002, I moved to Jane Lew, WV and have had the privilege of dealing with the plant in Oakland, MD. I can honestly say knowing and having dealt with Rigidply helped me with my decision to start my own post-frame company in 2007. Everyone from management, office employees, and last but not least, the drivers are all ready to help. Rigidply sells and deals with top end supplies for contractors at a very fair and competitive price. Their in-house products of Roof and Floor Trusses to their Laminated Posts and Beams are far above anyone else. They have been very good with any problems that may come up, which are very slim. They have always done everything in their control to satisfy the customer. In closing, for being in business for 42 years, in this day and age, must say a lot about Rigidply as a company. I am proud to be a customer of Rigidply Rafters.

Keith Sensenig

KS Contracting

Friendly knowledgeable staff, responsive quoting, quality products, responsible drivers, and accurate and timely billing have all contributed to our long term relationship with Rigidply. Thanks!


Franklin Builders

The Biggest and foremost reason for doing business with Rigidply Rafters is their expertise and knowledge about the building industry provided by their sales force. This along with the best service in the industry and cheerful attitudes from sales to delivery personnel and clean trucks gives our customers an added sense of satisfaction in doing business with us!

Leroy Stoltzfus

Stable Hollow Construction

I love these guys. No one else can touch your professional customer service and also all the product support. Your customer service definitely helps us supply our customers with a better building project experience. I like the clean trucks and all the great attitudes are the best. Keep up the good work!! You’re a great example to the community!!

Henry Stoltzfus

Stable Hollow Construction

Best service you will find anywhere! Along with cheerful attitudes, from everyone!!!!!!!

Steve Stoltzfus

Stable Hollow Construction

Rigidply Rafters is a great company from the Estimating department to the Crane Operators in the field. One of the reasons I continue to choose Rigidply is because you can send a material list in the morning and most times get a quote back the same day. Rigidply’s personnel are just a phone call away, when you need pricing or help sizing headers or beams, they are there to assist you. The men in the field are skilled Crane Operators when they are setting trusses. Rigidply ranks among the best when it comes to setting trusses.

Sherwin Brougher

Franklin Builders

I really like the quality of products you offer for a competitive price. It goes along with the quality of buildings I am trying to offer my customers. Your employees are nice and courteous. If and when there is a problem you do an excellent job at trying to solve the issue. This means a lot to me as a builder. I look forward to continuing business with you for years to come.

Keep up the good work!


Eby Builders LLC

Thank you and all the rest of the staff at Rigidply Rafters for the prompt and courteous service that I always receive. As a custom homebuilder, I work with a lot of different vendors and subcontractors. I can always count of Rigidply to meet deadlines that I request, and to always provide quality service. I would never consider using anyone else for my flooring or roofing systems.

Michael Grady

Gradcon Builders

We have been dealing with Rigidply Rafters for close to 30 years. From the quality of all of the material, to the prompt deliveries, the friendliness of the office staff, the courteous drivers, all of the design team, and engineers, everyone is very helpful and a delight to work with. They have a solution for any situation, big or small. If we need any product for the post frame industry or any other construction material, Rigidply Rafters is our one stop shop. I hope to continue our wonderful relationship for the next 30 years.


Hanover Building Systems Inc.

I have been selling Rigidply’s Trusses for 15 years now. I have had lots of good experiences with Rigidply and have had a few problems that Rigidply has helped me with over the years. My contractors whom I sell to will only use Rigidply because of their quality. Their very helpful delivery drivers go out of their way to help my contractors.

I have one contractor who told me the story about how a Rigidply driver unhooked his trailer and leap frogged the contractor’s trusses a ½ mile up the road to get them to the jobsite.

The salesmen at Rigidply are very knowledgeable about their products and can get you the answers to just about anything. The dispatchers are also very willing to help with your scheduling.

Thank you, Rigidply Md.


SDC Building Center

We had Rutt Builder’s build a roof over our barn yard so that our old bank barn would be suitable for heifers.  They used Rigidply GluLam posts.  They look great!  I am very impressed with Rutt’s work and as I researched your company, I am certainly glad they used Rigidply!

Kent Mummau

Mount Joy