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Board & Batten

Rigidply Rafters can provide board & batten siding for your building project. Siding typically consists of 1×12 or 1×10 boards with 1×3 battens. The siding is Standard Grade, kiln-dried (KD), Eastern White Pine – surfaced one side and both edges (S1S2E) with the one rough side as the exposed face of the siding.

Eastern White Pine siding is a fine grain wood species that holds its shape and retains finishes extremely well. This product has been used for construction and fine woodworking for centuries. The siding as provided by Rigidply Rafters is Standard Grade with visible, but tight knots, and is shipped unfinished. The boards, battens and trims must be painted or stained to protect the appearance and maintain durability. Several other grades and surface textures are readily available – check with us to discuss your buildings expectations.

Board & Batten Availability

Textured Panels

Textured T1-11 premium siding with 8” o/c grooves is another option for your building. We can supply 5/8” Fir T1-11 or 5/8” SYP T1-11. Siding is available in 8’, 9’ and 10’ lengths and is shipped unfinished. The T1-11 must be painted or stained to protect the appearance and durability of the siding.

Textured Panels Availability

Barn Siding

Tongue and Groove “Barn” Siding and Interior Wood Liner is manufactured by Rigidply Rafters in Premium Eastern White Pine. 1”x8” Tongue and Groove, and 1”x8” Tongue and Groove with a V-Groove is available and in stock. Unique to Rigidply, both options are a full ¾” thick with one of the strongest T&G joints available.

Barn Siding Availability

Other Wood Siding

Many other wood siding options are available in Eastern White Pine and Western Red Cedar. Specify a siding type from those shown, or provide a profile you are trying to match. We will contact our sources regarding availability, and price the siding as part of your building package.

  • Eastern White Pine: Channel Rustic, Bevel, Shiplap, and Tongue and Groove with smooth or rash surfaces in various grades
  • Western Red Cedar: Beveled, Board & Batten, Channel, Tongue and Groove with smooth or rash surfaces and various grades.
Other Wood Siding Availability
1" Shiplap Side View
E & CB Side View
Channel Rustic Side View

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