Wood Truss Facts

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Truss Strength

Rigidply Trusses are designed to satisfy a unique load case whereby the specified top chord live load is evaluated first, without any code reductions. At Rigidply, a 30 psf load means just that. We insist on a 30 psf design load for our specially crafted Trusses to provide our customers with the highest level of load performance available!

Schuylkill Haven Residential Truss (5)

Truss Design

Rigidply’s longstanding relationship with MiTek, recognized throughout the world as the leader in quality products and design accuracy, ensures that our customers experience the best Truss Design service the industry has to offer. Our Registered Professional Engineers (PE) assist you through every step of your project, and every structural Truss Design is shipped with a drawing sealed by a Registered Professional MiTek Engineer. Rigidply’s partnership with MiTek, and our use of MiTek truss plates and design software, positions our PE Team to provide efficient Truss Design that exceeds industry requirements and customer expectations!

Truss Quality

Rigidply’s manufacturing experience and quality are unmatched, ensuring that all Rigidply Trusses are true, straight, and fit your building! We utilize larger than required truss plates to promote safe handling at the jobsite and minimize the potential for truss-joint and lumber damage during installation. Additionally, Rigidply’s quality is backed up by independent, 3rd-party inspections from the Truss Plate Institute. With highly maintained and efficient equipment, the best and most experienced personnel, and Rigidply’s lumber buying power, every customer is guaranteed to receive the highest quality trusses on the market at a competitive price.

Quality Lumber

Rigidply partners with specific Lumber Mills to ensure that only the highest quality lumber is used for our trusses. Rigidply’s specifications are the strictest in the industry and we have developed our own internal evaluation specifications for wane, straightness, and overall quality to approve each piece of lumber prior to its use in a truss. We prioritize protecting the appearance and performance of our lumber, and minimizing the potential for mold, by storing each piece under cover.

Building Codes

Rigidply Rafters, Inc. has a reputation for meeting current and relevant building codes and working with you and your building officials to eliminate the headaches of any project! We ensure that every project complies with state and national building codes, removing the guesswork from this process so that you can move forward with confidence!