Champion Sliding Doors

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Champion Sliding Doors are considered the premium sliding door system on the market today. Champion doors will enhance the appearance and add natural lighting while maintaining the function and low maintenance associated with traditional sliding doors. Doors are available in both standard and custom sizes.

PLYCO Champion Sliding Doors

  1. Champion Doors are available in over 36 standard sizes and styles, including both double door and single door configurations, with or without tempered glass windows with grids.
  2. Champion Doors are compatible with standard sliding door tack and hardware components making installation easy and economical.
  3. Components are pre-cut and pre-drilled which allow for easy and consistent assembly at the job site. Champion Door components consist of rugged aluminum side rails, aluminum cross-bucks, galvanized steel girts, and steel inserts. Color-matched fasteners are included.
  4. Vertical members and cross-bucks are offered in a variety of different colors that match Plyco’s Dutch Door colors, and steel inserts are also available in many of the industry’s most popular colors to allow you to find the color combination that best fits your facility.

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