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Moving animals in and out of your equine stall barn has never been easier and safer. Improved strength and durability are hallmarks of modern EQUUS Dutch Doors. These doors are now also available in numerous color combinations to compliment your facility. Designed with horse safety in mind, complete pre-assembled door systems provide consistent installation and unequaled long-term performance. A variety of options and designs are available to meet the needs of your animals and caretakers.
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PLYCO EQQUS Pre-Assembled Dutch Door Systems

  1. 16 Gauge steel one-piece perimeter door panel frames are assembled over your choice of available colors of 29 Gauge flat steel attached to both sides of 3/4” exterior grade plywood.
  2. Two heavy steel hinges per door panel are powder coat painted to match the door and bolted into the door panel with only the hinge knuckle showing, providing a more finished appearance than the old strap-style hinges. All hinges are “E” coated for corrosion resistance, and are then powder coat painted to match the door. The large size of this hinge allows the door panel to open away from building skin or trim. Nylon spacers provide smooth, quiet operation.
  3. Matching hardware is provided with each door including a black barn latch, catch kit, assembly hardware, and a galvanized barrel bolt. The matching catch kit is designed to be horse safe and is self-storing with the door closed.
  4. The three-piece matching 16 Gauge steel jamb and extended jamb systems are powder coat painted with the same high-quality urethane as the door systems and are pre-punched for quick, accurate, sag-free installation of the door panels.
  5. A “lited” Dutch Door panel is available which offers a 1/4” thick impact resistant acrylic window in the top half of the door. The grid work is silk-screened over the acrylic glazing, or the window is available plain without the grids. This door option is ideal for use as an exterior or interior door for tack rooms, offices, etc. in your stall barn. It is not suggested for use where horses can come in contact with the doors, and the lited panel must be protected from horse contact with grillwork when used in a stall application.
  6. An upgraded Dutch Door Latch system is available to further protect the horse while adding extra security. This latch is designed for easy double-sided operation, and is constructed of stainless steel, or black powder coat finish for outstanding durability. (see photos below)
  7. Additional hardware is available to allow a variety of door configurations. Longer hinge-to-jamb bolts, larger barrel bolts, etc., provide additional strength and options where needed.
Latch Inside

Latch Inside

Latch Outside

Latch Outside

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