Laminated Structural Wood Decking

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Laminated Decking is a perfect complement to many of the products manufactured at Rigidply Rafters. We can supply decking in standard nominal depths of 2”, 3”, 4”, and 5”. The standard nominal width of the decking is 6” and 8”. Decking can be matched to dimensions of existing roof systems, so if you have a church addition that was originally built with a solid roof decking we can match the depth exactly. There are several options as to finish, appearance, grade and configuration.

Our supplier has the capability to stain and cure the decking during the manufacturing process. No need to add additional time and expense to utilize an outside source for the staining of the material. Stain can be custom matched to a stain color selected by the customer or use one of their standard acrylic based semi-transparent stain colors.

We can supply decking made from various species of lumber. As a cost savings only the visible face of the decking has to be a specific species. The center and the back can be of lower cost material without sacrificing strength or integrity of the decking. Laminated tongue and groove decking can be finished with a standard V-channel, bull nose, or square edge pattern. In addition there are three appearance grades: Supreme, Decorative, and Service. You can also select from several surface finishes; from smooth surfaced to re-sawn appearance.

Laminated decking can be ordered as a random length configuration with end matching which allows for mid-span end-joints or a specified length so your joints end on supporting members. Long lengths can also be achieved by the use of structural finger-joints that allow the use of shorter length material to makeup the long length members. These finger-joints will look like a butt joint mid-span.

Laminated decking is the perfect complement to any laminated project being supplied by Rigidply Rafters. Please ask one of our laminated salesmen for information concerning the use and availability of this product.

Laminated Structural Wood Decking Availability