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The impressive architecture and strength of Rigidply’s Wood Timber Bridges offer many advantages over other types of bridge construction. More economical than and offering a life expectancy three times that of concrete or steel, Glu-Laminated Wood Bridge Construction is available in a variety of materials that suit a wide range of bridge styles and forms. Pedestrian bridges, light traffic bridges, and public D.O.T. bridge projects are all utilizing more wood components than ever before; choose Rigidply’s Glu-Laminated Wood Timber Bridges with confidence for your next bridge project.

WOOD: Southern Yellow Pine and Red Maple are two of the most popular options in wood bridge construction. Both materials can be treated with a variety of preservative treatments and used to construct Glu-Laminated Wood Timbers and related products. Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a popular option for bridge decking, curbing, and rail systems.

Lewisburg, PA Pedestrian and Public Bridges (2)

PRESERVATIVE TREATMENTS: Rigidply uses a variety of preservative treatments, including the traditional CCA and Pentachlorophenol (Penta) treatments, and specialty treatments such as Creosote.

LAMINATED BEAMS: Rigidply’s Glu-Laminated wood beams can be produced as straight or curved beams. Following current industry standards, including those published by AITC and ASTM, Rigidply’s laminated beams are manufactured to satisfy a wide range of structural and aesthetic requirements.

BRIDGE DECKS: Preservative-treated wood decking has an exceptional life expectancy, accepts commonly used paving products, and provides a structure capable of handling the loading and movement created by bridge traffic. Rigidply offers several bridge decking options, including treated wood 2×6 and 2×8 Southern Yellow Pine, 2×6 and 2×8 Alaskan Yellow Cedar, and the larger, Glu-Laminated Southern Yellow Pine and Red Maple structural decking products. The economy, strength, and life expectancy of wood decking products make them a clear choice for many bridge applications.

WOOD BRIDGE ACCESSORY PRODUCTS: Rigidply wood bridge rail and curb systems are available in numerous shapes, sizes, and designs to meet your architectural and functional requirements. All the necessary bridge hardware and fasteners are available from Rigidply to guarantee that your project is completed on time, with hardware that compliments the style and function of your structure.

RIGIDPLY ENGINEERING AND SERVICE: Rigidply Rafters, Inc. offers a unique, full-service bridge program…

  • We supply the design and construction drawings for your project.
  • We fabricate all your wood components.
  • We supply all the necessary hardware and fasteners.
  • We deliver your project on time, directly to your jobsite.

For small, pedestrian bridges, Rigidply is able to ship the bridge fully pre-assembled to further expedite your project. Rigidply’s in-house team of engineers and service personnel help take your project from vision to completion.

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Pedestrian Bridge with SYP
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Livonia, NY Pedestrian and Public Bridges (2)
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