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With the growth of the equine housing market has come a wide range of stall hardware. Virtually an unlimited selection of materials and designs are available to satisfy even the most discriminating building owner. The flexibility of your Rigidply Rafters structure makes it easy and economical to design your stalls around your individual hardware preferences. Rigidiply Rafters can assist you in hardware selection, or feel free to complete your own research and determine what hardware is best for you. There are numerous nation-wide companies such as the popular, premium EQUUS system from PLYCO. There are also numerous regional hardware manufacturers local to Rigidply Rafters that provide unique hardware designs and quality products and finishes. Let us know what hardware you prefer.

Hardware Design

One of the first steps to selecting your stall hardware is to determine how to meet your horse’s social and environmental needs (i.e. ventilation) while providing the style and function you desire.

  1. Bars are a popular hardware design feature to provide fresh air to the horse and to allow the horse to view certain areas within the barn. Bar placement and design help to safely contain the horse, while allowing those caring for the horse to easily view what is happening inside the stall. Bars are typically spaced 4” on center, although 3” on center spacing is becoming more common. Bar construction can be hollow, heavy-gauge steel or solid steel. Open sections, yoke sections, feeder openings, and other options are available as standard product offerings or as custom features.
  2. For those who do not like the traditional bar designs, wire mesh is a popular alternative. The flexibility of wire mesh designs can provide improved ventilation while maintaining the structural integrity of doors and dividers.
  3. Different hardware manufacturers offer different architectural features, from simple color- matched hardware packages to the more elaborate curved and shaped open-top stall hardware designs.
    • Finish Selection: Traditional black powder-coated steel still proves to be the most commonly available durable finish. Other color options are also available. Plain galvanized steel hardware packages can be utilized as an economical and durable option.
    • Accessories: Most stall hardware accessories are available in color matching finishes. Track and trolleys have improved to provide years of effortless operation. Plyco’s EQUUS vertical sliding door latch allows you to easily keep your sliding door closed until the latches can be secured. The popular horseshoe gate and stall latch, matching blanket bars, grills to protect Dutch doors, and many other accessories are available to compliment your stall function and design.
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