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I have been selling Rigidply’s Trusses for 15 years now. I have had lots of good experiences with Rigidply and have had a few problems that Rigidply has helped me with over the years. My contractors whom I sell to will only use Rigidply because of their quality. Their very helpful delivery drivers go out of their way to help my contractors.

I have one contractor who told me the story about how a Rigidply driver unhooked his trailer and leap frogged the contractor’s trusses a ½ mile up the road to get them to the jobsite.

The salesmen at Rigidply are very knowledgeable about their products and can get you the answers to just about anything. The dispatchers are also very willing to help with your scheduling.

Thank you, Rigidply Md.

Don, SDC Building Center December 18, 2017