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Published on : 8/9/17

The Advantages of Stabling Your Horse in a Horse Stall Barn or in a Run-In Shed

There are pros and cons to both stall barns and run-in sheds, each serving their own purpose. How do you know which one is best for your situation? We have composed a list of items to consider as you plan for your horse’s needs.

Horse Stall Barns Run-In Sheds
Weather Complete shelter from the wind, weather, and heat. Some designs can be moved to accommodate the weather or drainage. Horses can be exposed to the weather in this format. Some horses choose to stay out in bad weather instead of seeking shelter.
Ventilation Greater levels of dust and ammonia. Proper ventilation for your horse should be considered. No ventilation needed.


Maintenance Requires more time and effort. More manual labor and attention to horses is required. Less work in maintenance; only needs periodic cleaning.
Handling Grooming, saddling and training can be much easier in a horse stall barn. Horses stay cleaner. Grooming and saddling are not convenient. If a horse requires rest or feed concentrates, a Run-In Shed is not convenient.
Habits Dominant animals will not be as likely to threaten lower status animals in a Stall Barn. Tracking your horse’s feed consumption and manure production is easier. A dominant animal may not allow lower status animals into the shelter. Tracking your horse’s feed consumption and manure production is not convenient.
Cost Higher cost to build and to maintain. More economical to build and to maintain.
Longevity Lifetime structure. More of a temporary structure.

It may seem overwhelming to think through all the options and possibilities. Knowing your horse and where it would be most comfortable throughout the year will help to narrow down your decision. What would work best for your horse?

Stay tuned for our article on our Top 10 Tips for Building Horse Stall Barns.