Snow Loads: What does it mean and how should you be prepared for snow.

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Published on: 1/25/19

It’s that time of year when we are waiting for the next snow storm to hit our area. As we think about the potential storms of this year, our conversations here at Rigidply have turned to how we can help you as a contractor succeed when it comes to projects and snow.

One of the main things we want to shed light on is the fact that there is a difference between ground snow load and roof snow load. A second area of consideration comes out of evaluating the roof areas where heavier accumulation of snow can be effected by snow drifting and slow sliding to a lower roof.

We have found a rather extensive article written by FEMA titled “Snow Load Safety Guide”. While you might want to grab a cup of coffee to read the lengthy article, it does provide an abundant amount of information on the topic of snow loads.

The article covers things like the differences in snow types and other variable situations along with Roofing Conditions and common Roof Framing Materials. It talks about preseason inspections and the warning signs of over-stress during snow situations. The article also highlights preventative measures and planning strategies to reduce the potential of snow-load-induced structural failures.

You can find the article by clicking on this link: FEMA – Snow Load Safety Guide