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Published on 3/28/2019

Glulam Post

Glulam Post

The Rigidply Rafters Glu-Laminated (Glulam) post is the foundation to all of your post frame design needs.  Every lot of our Glulam posts are certified by AITC http://www.aitc-glulam.org/index.asp for conformance to industry standards (ANSI 177, NDS 2012).  AITC also ensures that we follow industry regulated quality control procedures to ensure that our posts will last the lifetime of your building.

Rigidply’s standard glulam posts have been third party tested for strength so that we can supply the optimal sized glulam post to satisfy your building requirements http://rigidply.com/products/building-materials/glulam-posts/.  Our posts are constructed of 0.60 pcf CCA treated #1 Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) structurally finger jointed to #1 SYP uppers.  This reduces weight without reducing strength.  CCA treated lumber has over a 50 year track record of use embedded in the ground.  Please reference AWPA UC4B for allowable uses of CCA treated lumber.

Where building design does not allow for embedment of the post we have teamed up with Perma Column East to be a distributor of their products ( http://www.permacolumneast.com/index.htm ).  Perma Column East has several foundation solutions that complement Rigidply’s glulam post.  Drill set brackets for existing situations, wet set brackets for new poured wall construction, and the original concrete base that we can add to the bottom of our Glulam poles.

Please contact your Rigidply Rafters salesman for all of your building needs.