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Rigidply Rafters Inc. now offers shop assembled multi-ply roof trusses. These trusses can be used as girder trusses or for spreading trusses around dormers or stair openings. All multi-ply trusses are shop assembled per the included sealed truss drawings. The plies are connected by either gun nails or the Mitek Pro Series Washer Head Screws. Shop assembly is limited to truss spans up to 36’-0” and to two or three plies. The cost of having multi-ply trusses shop assembled varies with span, loading requirements, and type of fastener. Typically the cost ranges between $50 and $250.
Benefits of shop assembled multi-ply roof trusses:
1. Time Savings – multi-ply trusses arrive at site pre-assembled. Truss installation crew does not need to include truss assembly in their schedule. Pre-assembled trusses reduce crane down time for field assembly.

2. Quality – trusses are assembled in a controlled environment. Multi-ply trusses are often assembled on the job site on the ground. Many jobsites do not have adequate conditions for proper truss assembly.

3. Reduce Liability – Shop assembled multi-ply trusses removes the burden of interpretation of the sealed truss drawing attachment specifications from the contractor and places it on the truss manufacturer. Proper orientation of multi-ply trusses is imperative. Multi-ply trusses that are assembled with structural screws must be installed with the screw heads located on the “loaded” face of the girder truss. The “loaded” face refers to the truss face to which other trusses or joists are attached.