Mitek Plated Glulam Trusses

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Published on: 3/29/17

Like the appearance of Heavy Timber but not the cost of this approach? An option may be to use unexposed structural Mitek Plated Glulam Trusses in your great room, breakfast nook or front porch!

Glulam Truss species include Southern Yellow Pine (SYP), CCA Treated SYP, Douglas Fir (DF) and Alaskan Yellow Cedar (AYC). The plates can be placed in such a way that they can be covered with a non-structural decorative plate at a later time, or they can be powder coated as their final finish. Steel cover plates with bolts would be limited to centerline locations of the wood members up to ¾”. Wood screws are acceptable in any location as long as they are not excessive. Wood finish options include sealer, stain or they can be unfinished.

Typically, the framing above the trusses will determine the spacing. These trusses are structural and loads will have to be supplied to the truss designer.

Trusses are limited to 3” wide members. All members of the truss can be curved. However, the smaller the radius, the more labor and cost is required for manufacturing. It is common for a layer of structural 2×6 T&G roof decking followed by a layer of sheathing, insulation, and finally roof decking for roofing to be fastened to. There are a few ways this can be accomplished.

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