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Keith Sensenig

My personal dealings with Rigidply Rafters started in 1995 with the plant in Richland, PA. In 2002, I moved to Jane Lew, WV and have had the privilege of dealing with the plant in Oakland, MD. I can honestly say knowing and having dealt with Rigidply helped me with my decision to start my own post-frame company in 2007. Everyone from management, office employees, and last but not least, the drivers are all ready to help. Rigidply sells and deals with top end supplies for contractors at a very fair and competitive price. Their in-house products of Roof and Floor Trusses to their Laminated Posts and Beams are far above anyone else. They have been very good with any problems that may come up, which are very slim. They have always done everything in their control to satisfy the customer.  In closing, for being in business for 42 years, in this day and age, must say a lot about Rigidply as a company. I am proud to be a customer of Rigidply Rafters.

Keith Sensenig, KS Contracting December 18, 2017