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Rigidply Rafters, Inc. Glu-Lam Products - Curved Beams and Headers

Let your Architectural creativity run wild!

Rigidply Rafters can design and create curved structural and non-structural members for even the most complex members. Our in-house engineers and sales personnel can work with you to help realize your architectural visions.

Common applications for curved laminated products are:

  • Curved Headers for porches and towers
  • Curved Beams for:
    • Arched Ceilings and Rafters
    • Pedestrian Bridges
    • Encasements/Headers for large openings

Call Rigidply Rafters, Inc. today at 717-866-6581 to discuss your project! Beams Posts Trusses Arches Curved Beams & Headers Engineering.htm Specifications Gallery

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