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Rigidply Rafters, Inc. Glu-Lam Products - Arches

Laminated Tudor Arches

Rigidply Rafters Inc. Glue Laminated Tudor Arches give architects the ability to blend innovative design concepts with opulent practicality. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, Tudor Arches provide long, clear, majestic spans, resulting in a delightful, warm feeling environment of unparalleled beauty.

Glue Laminated Tudor Arches along with tongue & groove wood decking are compatible with virtually any design, as well as offering many advantages due to their strength. By laminating layers of individual boards together with phenol-resorcinol glue and being able to use a variety of wood species such as: Southern Yellow Pine (CCA treated and untreated), Douglas Fir, Cedar and Red Maple, you can have Arches for anything "from sunrooms to churches".

Glue Laminated Tudor Arches are prefabricated at our plant in Richland, PA. They are cut, drilled, stained and sealed to your specifications. A protective wrapping is applied to protect them during shipping and installation. Rigidply Rafters, Inc. is an active member of AITC (American Institute of Timber Construction).


Laminated Universal Arches

Rigidply Rafters, Inc., designs Laminated Universal Arch buildings that are uniquely versatile. Created for agricultural or commercial use, these structures can be ordered in standard size eave heights and roof pitches as well as custom designed arches.
  • All the inside floor space is useable - outriggers attached to the outside radius allow the arch to have straight sidewalls and straight roof slopes.
  • The high peak of the Universal Arch allows for more storage or more space for activities that require higher clear space.
  • Inside air naturally moves up and out of the building without power ventilation.
  • Structurally graded wood and bonding with waterproof phenol-resorcinol glue insure strength and durability for many years of service.
  • Rigidply is an active member of the AITC (American Institute of Timber Construction)

Laminated Universal Arches by Rigidply Rafters, Inc. are fully guaranteed, and make a strong, beautiful building that you can enjoy for many years to come.

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