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carRigidply Rafters, Inc. is a family owned business that has been in continuous operation since 1954. Rigidply Rafters Inc. started manufacturing premium metal plate connected wood trusses in 1963, and in 1971 at its Oakland, MD plant.

The name Rigidply Rafters, Inc. stands for quality, service, and integrity. When you order trusses from Rigidply Rafters, Inc., you will be getting the best quality and most consistent product available. Rigidply is an active member of TPI (Truss Plate Institute), WTCA (Wood Truss Council of America), AITC (American Institute of Timber Construction), NFBA (National Frame Builders Association), and a variety of other local and national organizations.



Rigidply Rafters, Inc. Specializes in:

  • Rural and Agricultural Buildings

  • Residential Buildings

  • Commercial / Industrial Buildings




In the summer of 1954, the Shirk family began to manufacture laminated wood rafters in the basement of their home in Myerstown, Pennsylvania. In time, the family felt that the business needed a name which was truly descriptive of the quality product that they were producing. The name Rigidply Rafters was established in 1954 by Chester F. Shirk, owner and operator of this contracting and manufacturing company.

Today the Rigidply Rafters name continues as a testament to the superior work produced by this family owned business. Rigidply Rafters, Inc. currently employs over 200 people and operates manufacturing facilities in Richland, PA and Oakland, MD. But before the business was able to expand to its current production capabilities, the Shirk family encountered a number of challenges.

The unexpected death of Chester F. Shirk in the business's early years thrust the responsibility of running the rafter operation into the hands of his son, 17 year old Arthur H. Shirk. The reality of life that lay ahead was quickly coming into focus. The responsibility to carry on the family business was a great step, but with the help of God, loyal customers and employees, Rigidply Rafters was able to continue and flourish.

In the years that followed, a number of changes and challenges occurred. 1963 brought the introduction of a new product line, wood roof trusses, and the first crane truck was put into operation in 1964. The establishment of the business as a corporation in 1971 was a significant step for the family. The business has expanded every year, with the latest major expansion being the new glue-laminating facility, constructed in late 2002.

"Our family business continues to grow with the support and help of family and long-time dedicated employees. We need to face reality and grasp opportunity as it arises before us. We hope to continue to be creative and innovative so that we may grow to meet the needs of our customers. The difficult moments encountered through the years were lessened by the loyalty and dedication of customers and employees, and for this, Rigidply Rafters, Inc. expresses its deepest appreciation.

Everyone at Rigidply Rafters, Inc. is fully committed to serving our customers and providing them with the finest products available. The excellence that we strive for is to show our appreciation for our customers continued loyalty to Rigidply Rafters. You deserve the best!

The owners of Rigidply Rafters, Inc. also believe that without the strength and blessing of God, none of our services and accomplishments could have been possible. We believe it is a combination of God's providence, and our determination to understand His will and purpose for our lives that has allowed us, and will continue to allow us, to provide a service for our customers and employees."


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